About Eileen

Eileen is a content creator, writer, and comedian with over 3 billion views to her name.


A verified Twitter account, Eileen's tweets have been featured in The Huffington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, Buzzfeed, and more.  She's also part of the TikTok Creator Fund, and has consulted many popular comedians, writers, podcasts, independent artists, and miscellaneous brands on how to improve their social media presence. 

Currently, she works as the Social Media Community Manager for Pluto TV, where she's growing Viacom CBS' popular streaming service across all social media platforms.

Previously, she served as a Social Media Manager for Vin Di Bona Productions (the creators of America's Funniest Home Videos), where she grew and managed the official AFV Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as several AFV-owned brands. Prior to AFV, she was the Senior Writer for Guff Media and its flagship property, Guff.com. She created the highest-performing pieces of content for Guff, where her articles averaged 4.2 million views per article. Her articles have been shared on Facebook by George Takei, Guns N' Roses, Akon, and more. She also wrote for Guff Media's other properties, including Memes.com and SarcasmSociety.com.

Eileen loves Space Jam. If you made it this far reading her bio, then she also loves you. .

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